Why Buy From Us?


Our interest in electric bikes started two years ago when our sole proprietor created his own high-performance electric bike from a mountain bike which started life as a 9.9 Carbon Fibre 'Trek' (an already exclusive bike).

Over the course of it's development this bike started off as a 250w crank situated electric bike but soon developed into a full 2400w 52v extreme bike with dual motors (One in the crank, one situated in the hub) creating a fantastic off-road bike which is a blast to ride! (This was only used off-road as per UK regulations but is set the seed for us stocking a range of high quality legal eBikes for sale).

Since this venture, a number of us here at Severn Valley Electric Bikes now own electric bikes and use them frequently, and as per UK restrictions ours are a collection of 250w versions (Limited to 15.5mph).

So why should you buy from us?

Quite simply, we believe our mechanical expertise in the world of tuning high performance supercars, our 30+ years in business and our strong interest in Electric bikes sets us aside from our competitors, when you visit us you'll never have seen such a place. The front section to our 30,000 sq ft premises is dedicated to eBikes, the rear is a workshop working on some of the most exclusive & powerful vehicles in the World (we've even set world records!).

We are also a friendly team here at SVEB and welcome all with an interest in Electric Bikes to our HQ to browse our stock and try out our demo bikes.