Shimano - eBike Systems


Almost everyone who grew up with a bicycle has heard of Shimano, their gear sets appear on a huge majority of bicycles right from children's bikes to adult hardcore downhill bikes, they cover the lot (and have done for years). They're high quality components has earned them a reputation for quality and reliability and this can be the same for their own proprietary eBike system.

Our brand of choice that feature the Shimano STEPS eBike system is SCOTT, and it features on their 'eSpark' range.

What is a Shimano eBike System?

A system with components that cater to everybody’s needs and delivers ultimate performance and reliability. That’s the heart of the matter. With SHIMANO STEPS you’ll push boundaries and feel energized while doing it. Whether easing past traffic to get to work or school, enjoying a healthy outing or doing errands, SHIMANO STEPS will get you there relaxed and refreshed.

If you're in the market for a quality eBike which features the Shimano STEPs eBike system then get in touch and we can talk about the options.