Second Hand eBikes, Repairs & Terms and conditions

We're not involved in the sale of any second-hand eBikes due to the nature of the bikes. Mechanical bicycles give no cause for concern particularly when the are sold (providing they are maintained and looked after well) but with eBikes it is much more of an considered purchase.

The issue pure and simply is that you will not have any idea how well the battery (the most expensive component) has been looked after, with the likes of Lithium-Ion the battery must be kept charged well and often and if a user has allowed them to run flat for extended periods of time then you'd likely need to fork out for a replacement battery in no time.

Moving on from that, further concerns arise from the fact that electric motors can be 'unlocked' (if you know what you're doing) pushing the motors past their operational parameters which will cause additional wear and decrease their service life. Another factor that makes second hand eBikes not the wisest choice.

We will however repair and fix any electric bikes, customers bikes who can not be fixed will be contacted. The bike will be given away or scrapped if the customer dose not pick up there bike within 4 weeks of us having the bike in for repair after they are informed it can not be fixed. We are not a bike storage facility. 

We recommend therefore that those who are considering an eBike always purchase 'new' bikes, please browse our stock to see which models we offer here at Severn Valley Electric Bikes