Electric Bike Information

An Electric Bicycle (or pedelec) is a bicycle which uses a motor and battery to assist the rider whilst riding and they are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact they offer a number of advantages over traditional bicycles.

The benefits of an electric bike can be further confirmed if you ask anyone who has had the opportunity to ride an electric bicycle what they think of them. The verdict is usually overwhelmingly positive and it is the reason why we find that so many customers who try our bicycles decide to join the masses of e-bike owners by purchasing one.


They are also exceptionally suitable to a range of different bicycle users. They provide users with a great sense of confidence when used which is why we often find that a large portion of our customers are purchasing them whilst they are retired. Not only because they have time to enjoy the bikes, but also because the bikes we offer can provide you a variable level of 'help' with their pedal assistance.

Here at Severn Valley Electric Bikes we stock a wide range of bikes of which 'all' are Electric and we welcome anyone interested in owning an electric bike to our HQ for a test ride of our models to decide which one suits you the best.


We stock a wide range of brands in different styles and equipment levels and we have the knowledge to be able to recommend to you the best bicycle for your needs.