Bosch - Nyon Retro Fit Service


Here at Severn Valley Electric Bikes we're experienced in fitting the latest Bosch Nyon display to Bosch eBikes equipped with either the Intuvia, or the Purion on-board computers.

Benefits of the Bosch Nyon On-Board Computer.

To summarise, the Nyon is a massive upgrade on the other two systems, not only does it provide GPS Navigation (via a bluetooth linked Smart Phone) but it also tracks the fitness regime, providing a breakdown of breakdown of how the bike is being ridden and the calories burnt by the rider.

The retrofit kit can be purchased from many retailers but the process of actually 'converting' a Bosch bike with the new system can require considerable time in re-wiring. We are happy to take on this job for anyone looking to upgrade.

For up to date pricing please get in touch today: 01952 684357.