Bosch - eBikes Systems


Our brand of choice for bicycles equipped with the Bosch eBike systems here at Severn Valley Electric Bikes is SCOTT, and specifically, their 'E-Genius' range. We have tested Haibikes, Cube, KTM amongst a few brands and finally decided that the brand we prefer was SCOTT.

What is a Bosch eBike System?

In summary, it is Bosch's version of powering an electric bicycle (the motor, battery and controller) and their solutions come in a range of options, put simply, they offer an 'Active Line, Performance Line and Performance Line CX'. Our selection of SCOTT bikes here in at SVBikes come with the top-of-the-line 'Performance CX' system which provides the most power of them all (consistently up to 75 newton metres) and which are coupled with the best battery pack that Bosch provide, the 500WH unit.

If you're in the market for a Bosch powered eBike then get in touch and come to view our selection. We can talk you through all of the options available and find the right SCOTT electric bike for you.